Helping you spin your way from a troubled mind to peace of mind.  

Kundert Spindles
Kundert spindles hand turns each drop spindle one at a time for the most discriminating hand spindler.  Our drop spindles are made from domestic and exotic wood combinations for eye appeal and handspinning properties. Why not give one a spin? 

 A little bit about me

Glad you stopped in for a look.  I live in the southernmost part of Wisconsin (yes, Iím a cheesehead!).   For the past 30 years Iíve done woodturning and about 18 years ago I built my first spinning wheel.  One day, a woman stopped in that had purchased a spinning wheel several years prior and asked if I could build a drop spindle.  After some experimentation and research I came up with a workable drop spindle.   And since that time, 2001, Iíve turned my creativity to drop spindles.  This takes up enough of my time now that I no longer make spinning wheels.


Stephen Kundert
1222 12th Avenue
Monroe, Wisconsin 53566 

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