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Kundert spindles
Kundert spindles hand turns each drop spindle one at a time for the most discriminating hand spindler.  Our drop spindles are made from domestic and exotic wood combinations for eye appeal and handspinning properties. Why not give one a spin?



Twisted Skeins is a haven for those with a distinctive taste for a wide variety of natural and one of a kind yarns and spinning fibers.   

Your Central Wisconsin source for weaving, spinning, knitting, crocheting, tatting, bobbin lace, felting, dyeing, and locker hooking equipment, books, and supplies.  We also carry Kundert Spindles. 

How to use a Drop Spindle

The Fold- Spinning Supplies for the serious spinner and her frivolous sister

The Yarn Tree- A fiber arts studio and store 

The Largest Selection of Supplies for the Fiber Fanatic in the Midwest!

Fiber Arts Store since 1981  

Exotic Fibers for the Hand Spinner

Spindlicity---an online magazine for hand spinners
This website is devoted to people who consider themselves maniacs when it comes to knitting socks, buying yarn for socks and storing their sock stash. They will do anything for their love of sock knitting.