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Kundert Spindles  

Kundert spindles hand turns each spindle one at a time for the most discriminating hand spindler. Spindles are made from domestic and exotic wood combinations for eye appeal and spinning  properties. Why not give one a spin?

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I received two spindles from Steve, a 1oz cherry and a 1.3oz cherry and walnut, about a month ago.  Being a wheel spinner and a spinner in isolation here in the Eastern Province of South Africa, I had no experience with spindlesÖ.had not even seen one or witnessed itís use. But with these two fine spindles that spin forever with one light flick, and Priscilla Gibson- Robertsí book Spinning in the Old Way, I was spinning and plying lace weight yarns within days.  According to what Iíd read I thought Iíd need a spindle lighter than an ounce to achieve lace weight with some of my fibers of preference, mainly silk and our local fine merino. But the little 1oz cherry spindle spins fine silk effortlessly. These spindles are like a dream come true, they make spinning so easy and mobile that there is much more time for spinning. Plus the process is much faster than I imagined. Steve, I have feeling that your spindles are a reflection of you; honest and highly effective. So, thank you I wouldnít hesitate to recommend you or your spindles.

Eastern Province of South Africa


Steven thank you for your fine craftsmanship. Last month I bought your Walnut Whorl with Birdseye spindle. The wood is beautiful and the sheen shows its highlights to perfection. There is nothing sweeter than the long smooth spins achieved with your perfectly balanced  spindle.

Thank you, Cheryl

 When I received Steve Kundertís spindles for review my first impression was, what craftsmanship! They are absolutely beautiful! While Steveís pictures on his website give a clear idea of what they look like, having them in person is totally a pleasantly different experience. Not only are they beautiful to look at, as a fiber artist, touch is a big thing and his spindles certainly satisfied my desire to runs my fingers over a wonderfully smooth surface! My son is also a woodcrafter so I know from experience what a good quality piece should look like and Kundert spindles go beyond fine quality. To say that I am impressed is putting it mildly! The different wood inlays are absolutely gorgeous and practically seamless that they almost blend together. I know this is not an easy task to accomplish having observed my son doing it many times. A lot of work and fine tuning goes into making spindles that make them worth far more than he asks for them. While they are tools for spinning, I consider them works of art and when Iím not using mine, they proudly hang from my fireplace mantle (I donít use my fireplace) for all to see. What do I think of their spin? I can say it in one word! WOW! Those little buggers can really move; every one of them. I was amazed at how long they held a spin even the handcarved one. It is such a pleasure spinning with them. Right now Iím spinning up some yarn to make socks and I canít believe how much fiber I was able to spin in such a short time. And all of them made it so easy to spin evenly spun yarn no matter how thick or thin the strand. The handcarved spindle is a real beauty with an amazingly delicate design that is so pleasing to the touch. No rough spots anywhere!!!!! Kundertís spindles are real gems in my eyes. They say diamonds are a girlís best friend, well not for this girl. Give me spindles especially Kundert spindles I mean after all, you canít spin with a diamond. They sparkle in my eyes; in fact I am tempted to wear them as jewelry! I will definitely want to add more of his fine spindles to my collection!

 Steve I meant every word I said! Please feel free to use this for now on your website and when Iím finished Iíll send you an updated one. The link to my page would be:

My site name is Sockamaniac

Yes Steve Iím a maniac for knitting socks and now spinning!

Thanks so much for allowing me the pleasure of reviewing your fine spindles. If you have anymore spindles now and in the future that you would like me to test and review, I would consider it an honor!


Name: Catherine Grace CHS
From: Brewster NY
Remote Name:
Date: 01 Aug 2006
Time: 12:17 AM


I'm a new convent to spinning, and I chose a Kundert spindle as my first. You know how "firsts" are -- really, really important. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but this wasn't one of them. My new (1.4 oz) maple spindle is not only beautiful, but perfectly balanced and the cause for rapid improvement in the quality of my spinning efforts. It has already taught me that good spinning results are only partly the responsibility of the spinner -- the tools used make a big difference, too. I can hardly wait until I'm more proficient and decide that I need another Kundert wonder!


Name: Laura Silverman
From: Tarzana, CA
Remote Name:
Date: 01 Dec 2005
Time: 11:29 AM


Just found your website through Spindlicity. WONDERFUL spindles! I have bookmarked you and will certainly be back to buy. Laura

Name: Elisabeth Magid
From: Loss Angeles
Remote Name:
Date: 04 Dec 2005
Time: 12:39 AM


I bought my first Kundert Spindle in the summer of 2004 at the Yarn Tree in Brooklyn...It was love at first drop! I began spinning the most delightful silvery threads of a silk/yak fiber and I would carry it with me everywhere. Tragically, in late December, I left it by the check out counter at my local grocery store. And the store burned down that very night! I waited until the spring, when I was able to return to New York and sure enough...a high point of my trip to the Big Apple was a visit to The Yarn Tree and the acqisition of another spindle. My first spindle was a very plain cherry and walnut combination that spun forever with every twirl and when I returned, I tried practically every single spindle in the store! I ended up with another walnut and cherry spindle that I love dearly and I take with me to work almost everyday. Thank you for making such a well crafted tool; it is both beautiful to look at and a joy to use.

Name: Shannon
From: California
Remote Name:
Date: 04 Dec 2005
Time: 09:48 PM


You have such beautiful spindles! One day I will give in and buy one :-) ~Shannon

Time: 01:05 PM

Name: Ann
From: West Lafayette, Indiana
Remote Name:
Date: 11 May 2005
Time: 12:34 AM


I bought one of your spindles at the Fleece Fair in Greencastle, Indiana in early April. Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying spinning with it. It's the most comfortable spindle I have--I like the long, tapered shaft especially and I find the thicker shaft helps my hand tire far less than the thinner shafts on my other spindles. Thanks so much! PS I have a 1.0 oz. simple solid cherry spindle with a walnut shaft. Beautiful.

Name: Susan VanSwol
From: Racine, WI
Remote Name:
Date: 24 Apr 2005
Time: 12:14 PM


Just bought one of your spindles from Toni at the Fold. It's just beautiful and I look forward to mastering it! Your website is great and really shows the beautiful craftsmanship of your spindles.

Name: Steve Lawson
From: Eagle River, Alaska
Remote Name:
Date: 22 Apr 2005
Time: 05:45 PM


Hi Steve, Your workmanship on your spindles sure bring the beauty of each type of wood out. They are very attractive. Steve

Name: Diane Kanzler
From: Greenfield, MA
Date: 16 Mar 2005
Time: 06:46 PM


Great site, Steve! Looking forward to adding more of your spindles to my modest collection of one single, much-loved Kundert spindle (purpleheart stripes in maple and cherry). I recommend your spindles to new spinners whenever I have the opportunity.

Name: Lisa Lloyd
From: Bradford, NH
Date: 16 Mar 2005
Time: 10:29 AM


Well, now this is a dangerous thing for the Kundert spindle addict! You may remember a custom order from me for "Yellow Warbler" spindles. I've been eyeing the lovely carved numbers on eBay as well. Very nice site--clean and to the point. Keep on turning!!

Name: Sue
From: Eau Claire
Date: 13 Mar 2005
Time: 04:56 PM


Nice website - like to also see some spindles like those currently going up on ebay! I own one of your birdseye maple on walnut spindles.

Name: Stasia
From: Wisconsin
Date: 11 Mar 2005
Time: 09:10 PM


Nice job on the site! Will be pleased to add it to the SpinLinks page at the next update - be sure to notify the Spindlers list! Best wishes for your continued spindle success! :-)